Nemak Trading & Investment Group is a Texas corporation integrated in Import-Export solutions and end-to-end supply chain management to the U.S. governmental agencies, the commercial sector clients in the challenging business environment of the United States and the International business community.

With our existing infrastructures, owned assets, cutting edge supply chain management and technology, we are equipped as a global supplier of goods with strong ability to serve various industry verticals throughout the United States and the globe.

Established nearly a decade ago, Nemak Trading & Investment Group offers custom solutions to every challenge in the areas of procurement, fuel, energy and automotive. We consistently strive to manage and serve some of the most advanced supply chain operations in a diverse range of industries. With a determined focus on simplifying complex supply chains, we are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients in the United States and the world business community.


U.S. Government and Defense

Nemak Trading & Investment Group is a registered government contractor in good standing. Getting the required products, equipment and supplies to the troops stationed at any U.S. bases around the globe and within the country on time and in full, is a continuous challenge and always a vital importance to safety and morale. At any given opportunity, we will collaborate with a major partner in the country where the base in located or where the goods will be shipped to source the products required. With almost a decade years of experience in locating and collaborating with various defense logistics partners, we are highly experienced in providing innovative supply chain solutions for critical mission support of defense in a wide range of situations.


Nemak Trading & Investment Group procure and sell products in the global market, particularly, finished products produced and manufactured in the United States. We also offer hundreds of products from over twenty-five countries. Each product is made according to fair trade principles with determined effort to maintain environmentally friendly standards.